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Maintaining the wireless technologies!
Holland Created: 25 Mar 2009
The problem in the telecom world, is the immence range of mobile devices.
That is the biggest reason for installing So Many Antenna, and, All Over The World.
But, The solution is very simple.
And I try to explain it in this drawing.

Cell towers, with transmitting signals, All outside of residential areas (Red dots)
In the residential areas only receiving antennas are allowed, ones that do not transmit, only receive (Green dots)

The data is connected with a Fiber Optic network to the data system.
This way there will be no more than 0001 uW/m2 necessary in residential and workplace areas.
Mobile devices have excellent reception.
The evidence that transfer of data is possible at such distance is in the form of DVB-T digital TV systems.

The transmission power of mobile devices can drastically be reduced to 10 milliwatts.
What now, with the current system, is only adjustable from 3000 to 300 milliwatts.

Source: Arjen Witzel

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