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Council delays cause second phone mast blunder
Wales Created: 27 Mar 2009
DELAYS and mistakes by Swansea Council have led to a second mobile phone mast being allowed to stay in place despite it not having planning permission, an inspector has claimed.

The Assembly-appointed inspector has ruled that the giant tower in Gorseinon can stay, and pointed to "a number of administrative and other errors" in the way the council dealt with the case.

It follows a similar debacle in Townhill when a mast was allowed to remain because the council had missed a deadline to write to the phone company involved by 24 hours.

Hazel Stock, whose Lime Street house is less than 50ft from the Gorseinon mast, said: "The council can just walk away from it, but we've got to live with the consequences of what they've done."

A spokesman for Swansea Council said: "The council is surprised and disappointed by the appeal decision and in particular by the inspector's reasoning as the councils' decision to refuse prior approval was given well within the statutory time period.

"We are seeking legal advice as to whether it should be challenged."
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Source: South Wales Evening Post, 25 Mar 2009

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