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Doctors issue an appeal against radiation risks
Holland Created: 28 Apr 2009
On 8 April 2009, 50 doctors presented an appeal to Dutch political leaders and government health authorities at The Hague.
On the basis of their experience and observations, they call for measures to be taken to minimise exposure to artificial radiation from electromagnetic fields.

The signatories note a general increase in serious medical conditions of unidentified origin. This increase in health problems and illness parallels the explosive increase in exposure to radiation from electromagnetic fields in the environment.

This appeal is a request to reduce exposure to these artificial fields and a plea for a more careful use of electrical and wireless technologies. In addition it calls for a policy based on independent research and expert opinions published in international scientific journals.

The signatories are all doctors, general practitioners, medical scientists and specialists.

Among them is the general practitioner Dr Liesbeth Adriaansens, who recounts some of the cases from her practice. More evidence comes from a patient who describes the symptoms they have suffered as a result of exposure to electromagnetic fields.
The symptoms that patients and scientists ascribe to low and high frequency electromagnetic fields include palpitations, problems with concentration and memory, headaches, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances and so on. These sometimes improve with simple measures such as replacing a cordless DECT telephone by one with a wired connection. Some scientists link electromagnetic exposure to a risk of Alzheimer's disease and cancer. The commonest sources of electromagnetic fields are relay antennas, wi-fi, cordless phones, electric wires, etc.

Given that there is still no adequate information on the health hazards of EMFs available to the public, in spite of the mounting accumulation of scientific proof, the Dutch organisations the National Platform on Radiation Risks, the Foundation for the Electro-hypersensitive and the Report on Environmental Health and Telephones for Children have decided to publish in the near future an information booklet on 'Using a mobile phone safely'.

For more information: Alex Swinkels Dutch National Platform Radiation Risks T. : +31-181-785587, info {-at-} stralingsrisicos.nl
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Source: StralingsRisicos.nl / Next-up, 08 Apr 2009

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