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Vodaphone puts phone mast plans on hold in Rhyl
Wales Created: 3 Jun 2009
CONTROVERSIAL plans to site a mobile phone radio base station near a residential area of Rhyl have been put on hold.

Vodafone recently announced plans to site the base station at the junction of Bryn Cwnin Road and Gwenarth Drive.

Many residents in the area had raised objections to the proposal and Vale of Clwyd MP Chris Ruane took these up with Mono Consultants, which are acting on behalf of Vodafone and with Denbighshire County Council.

Mr Ruane has now received a response from Vodafone stating that the proposal for the Bryn Cwnin site has now been placed on hold.

In the letter, from Nicola Perkin Vodafone’s Public Affairs Manager, it is revealed that Vodafone and O2 have announced an agreement to share mobile network assets across various countries including the UK.

The two companies are now examining how their shared resources can be used most effectively to benefit customers and shareholders.

“We do not yet have any clarity on whether a planning application will be submitted for this proposed site in the future, but as we are aware of local concerns, if it should go ahead in this or another nearby location, we will work with the local community to try to address their concerns,” she added.

Mr Ruane has also received confirmation from the council that the proposal is still in a pre-application consultation stage.

“I would urge anyone who hasn’t already done so to get their views in to me as soon as possible and I will forward these on to Vodafone and Denbighshire County Council,” he said.

“However, I am pleased that Vodafone has stated that it will work with residents in the Bryn Cwnin area if it decides to go ahead with the proposal to try and address their concerns.

“Also, Vodafone has offered to meet me in the House of Commons to discuss the matter further.”

If Vodafone decides to go ahead with the proposal the next potential step is for it to formally apply to Denbighshire County Council, as local planning authority (LPA) for its determination as to whether prior approval will be required to the siting and appearance of the proposed development.

DCC will then have 56 days, beginning with the date on which it receives the application, in which to make and notify its determination on whether prior approval is required and to notify the applicant of its decision to give or refuse such approval.
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Source: Denbighshire Visitor, Andrew Davies, 03 jun 2009

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