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Phone mast plan knocked back for third time
Wales Created: 16 Jul 2009
A MOBILE phone company's plan to position a mast near Swansea homes has been dashed for the third time.

In February, Swansea councillors rejected a proposal from Vodafone to install a 12m monopole with three antennas on land adjacent to the Lidl store in Trallwn Road, Llansamlet. Council planners had rejected similar proposals in 2003.

Vodafone appealed to the Assembly, which has now backed the council decision.

Ward councillor June Evans said this was the third occasion she had written to Assembly inspectors on the same issue.

She said: "I am pleased we have won again. I am hoping it will be the last time. It is mainly a residential area. People don't like them and don't want them near their homes. There's a play area behind Lidl a park and field where they play football. I do hope they get the message now."
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Source: South Wales Evening Post, 15 Jul 2009

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