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Cell towers decision appealed
USA Created: 20 Jul 2009
Author/activist Riki Ott has filed an appeal of the June 24 decision of the Cordova Planning and Zoning Commission to approve two conditional-use permits for GCI to place cell phone towers and antennas in downtown Cordova.

“I believe the decision to approve the conditional-use permits violated the Cordova zoning code and the Alaska Open Meetings Act,” Ott said. “As a result of these discrepancies, I ask the city of Cordova’s board of adjustment to review and reverse the decision of the Planning and Zoning Commission.”

Ott said standing together as a community is the right direction.

“Sign the petition located at several downtown businesses. The petition requests the city of Cordova to consider — and inform residents of — options under our home rule charter to protect the health and well-being of all Cordova residents and guests from involuntary electromagnetic radiation exposure,” Ott said.

The petition also requests the city of Cordova to stay the June 24 Planning Commission’s conditional-use permit for GCI cell towers — and all other such requests and conditional-use permits for cell towers — until such time as the city has fulfilled the first request to protect public health as a mandated pre-condition of cell tower placement.

“Support the appeal, filed on July 6, of the Planning Commission’s decision to approve the conditional use permits by calling or visiting the city office,” Ott said. “Get informed. The Cordova library has a notebook of information on health problems from EMR exposure that people sent me from around the country.”

“Attend the Aug. 5 City Council meeting to express your opinions about cell tower locations in downtown Cordova and request that further cell tower conditional-use applications are stayed until the city of Cordova has time to consider an ordinance on cell towers. I’m hoping to present a draft ordinance to our home rule charter for discussion,” Ott said.

Cordova Telephone Cooperative also filed an appeal with the city of Cordova to follow procedural rules and reconsider the conditional-use permits for the GCI cell towers. “Cordova’s tourism will be affected with this blight on the skyline,” states the appeal from CTC.
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Source: Cordova Times, JOY LANDALUCE, 16 Jul 2009

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