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Verizon wants to put a cell tower near housing for the EMF sensitive
USA Created: 20 Jul 2009
Verizon wants to install a cell phone tower near the only EMF-safe apartment building in the country. Iím not sure why. Perhaps they don't mind the bad publicity.

If you have not read the warning signs on cell towers, it is because they usually are too high to read.

Everyone should stay away from cell towers, particularly people with EMF sensitivity.

The structure at issue is Ecology House in San Rafael, the only chemically and EMF-safe apartment building for the disabled.

Tenants include those with chemical sensitivity and EMF sensitivity. The chemically sensitive are prone to develop EMF sensitivities. It is common to have both conditions.

Monthly meetings at Ecology House provide the Bay Areaís only gathering place for this segment of the disabled population.

But a nearby cell tower will mean the end of this safe haven for people who suffer from EMF sensitivity.

If you think that Verizon should find another place to put their cell tower, come to the San Rafael City Council Meeting, Monday, July 20th, at 8:00 p.m. to support the disabled community served by Ecology House.
Or write to the council:
sanrafael.mayor{-at-}cityofsanrafael.org (Mayor Al Boro)
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Source: San Fransisco Examiner, Suzanne Olson, 19 Jul 2009

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