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Radiation Unit undertake surveys
Sierra Leone Created: 21 Jul 2009
The Radiation Protection Board on Tuesday embarked on a random survey to find out the level of radiation of the Bumbuna high tension cables, radio and mobile phone masts. The objective of the survey is to know if people living under or near Bumbuna cables, Mobile phones and radio masts are exposed to radiation.

Executive Secretary of the Radiation Protection Board, Josephus J. Kongo said that the survey was to allay the fears of people living under or near the Bumbuna cables, mobile phones and radio masts.

He explained that the public are of the view that Bumbuna cables has radiation which causes cancer.

The Executive Secretary stated that they have modern equipments in their laboratory provided to them by IAEA with trained and qualified staffs to conduct the survey.

Mr. Kongo further noted that IAEA has made it a law to scan all scrap metals for radiation before going out of the country.
He said people working at Sierra Rutile, Emergency hospitals, Sierra Leone Brewery Limited and the Military are not carrying TLD badges that will read the human dosage of radiation.

This he said is dangerous to workers and exposes them to radiation which at the end of the day will leave them with cancer.
Kongo also noted that he has written letters to all the mobile companies, hospitals doing X-rays and industries in the country to do a survey on radiation, but has not received reply from them, adding that radiation is harmful to human health.
He stressed that he will soon publish names of institutions that are not complying with them.
The Executive Secretary highlighted some of the harmful effects of radiation and said that damages from radiation cannot be cured.
The Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Resources Martin Bash Kamara said that government has rights to protect its citizens that is why the survey is being conducted to know the health hazards of radiation.
He added that after the survey would have been conducted, it would be analyzed by people who know about radiation and if the survey proves people are in danger a decision would be made.
First point to start the survey was at the Kroo bay Community unto the Kingtom sub station in Freetown.
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Source: Awoko - Freetown, Abibatu Kamara, 20 Jul 2009

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