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Tower decision bypassed protocol
Canada Created: 7 Aug 2009
Dear Editor: I feel compelled to comment on the Telus microwave transmitter that is being erected on Little Conkle Mountain on Fyffe Road.

About one year ago, Summerland Council passed approval on this project without consulting or informing the residents whose health could be affected by the high frequency emissions.

We were reassured after addressing council, that Telus had agreed to relocate farther away from such a dense population of schools and homes.

There has been much proven research that transmitter radiation, is particularly harmful to children and teenagers.

Imagine my shock when I realized that the corporation had issued a building permit to go ahead with the project, and again, without consulting residents. The close proximity to Glenfir, Giantís Head and Montessori schools is shocking.

The B.C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils has gone so far as to include in their statement of policy, that they must urge school boards and municipal governments to prohibit the siting of cell or mobile phone masks, aka antennas, in any area used by students.

There is a protocol that should be adhered to in these matters. Is this the way that council will address future issues where they feel there might be opposition? I would like to see an open, above board discussion on alternate locations for the tower.

My husband and I have lost six family members to cancer in the last seven years. We do everything in our power to live a life that is preventative. If the tower goes ahead, we will be subjected to possible cancer causing emissions 24/7. Are you willing to take the chance with your family? How close is this tower to you?

Elaine Trackl
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Source: BCLocalNews, Elaine Trackl, 05 Aug 2009

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