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Very Important - AUVA REPORT: Exposure Limits Challenged; Precaution Demanded
Austria Created: 24 Aug 2009
All across Europe the debate on exposure limits has flared up; insurance companies do not insure cell phone providers because of the incalculable health risks. The Austrian Social Insurance for Occupational Risks AUVA (Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt) commissioned the Vienna Medical University to carry out its own research projects, focusing on effects of cell phone radiation on the brain, immune system, and proteins.

The title itself Investigation of Nonthermal Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation in the Cell Phone Frequency Range (ATHEM) indicates that: AUVA runs in direct opposition to the representatives of the "thermal paradigm," radiation protection agencies of the various governments as well as the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection), all of which deny there are effects that are not caused by heating (non thermal effects). Ultimately, the results of the report confirm known health risks associated with cell phone long-known technologies.

With several quotes from the AUVA report, the results are summarized below.

1. The Significance of the AUVA Report
"The launch and widespread use of cell phones has introduced a new type of exposure. Never before did large groups of the population hold an RF transmitter to their head. Issues about health risks have made the headlines because the evaluation of current scientific data leave many questions unanswered. To this day, the conclusions of risk asses assessments concerning the effects after low low-level exposures to RF/EMF radiation (possible nonthermal effects) are, at times, rather contradictory (editor's note: RF/EMF=radiofrequency radiation / electrotion magnetic fields). (...) The research project ATHEM, therefore, has been aimed at studying the burning issue of potential interactions between RF/EMF and biology. (p. 7) (...) The significance of the experimental investigations also lies in the fact that the demonstrated effects, which do not necessarily have disease relevance (e.g. EEG changes), should not even have occurred, occurred according to the strictly thermal interaction mechaism that would have been covered by current exposure guidelines." (p. 8)

2. Main Results
The AUVA studies have verified that: Electromagnetic fields from cell phone radiation have an impact on the Central Nervous System (brain) Immune System Protein Syntheses [2] Current exposure guidelines do not consider the biological processes which already respond to electromagnetic field levels below the critical heating threshold. As a result, the guidelines do not provide protection. The AUVA Report is a slap in the face for the German Radiation Protection Commission and the ICNIRP, which in the interests of industry deny the existence of nonthermal effects and stick to the thermal paradigm [3]. The ATHEM report by the AUVA confirms: Cell phone radiation has adverse impacts on health.

"Beyond that, the significance of the results also lies in the fact that the effects should not even have occurred when assuming exclusively thermal effects, which current exposure guidelines are based on. Thus, these effects are further evidence for the existence of nonthermal effects." (p. 168, see also p. 62) In plain English: Exposure guidelines, therefore, are generally called into question because they are based on thermal effects only.

Prof. Wilhelm Mosgöller, cordinator: "We have observed that cells are subjected to stress [1] when exposed to this type of radiation for hours." (DVD) "The radiation-induced effects observed, however, were not always dosage dependent as would be expected from thermal effects. Some cells showed an even stronger response when the 5-minute exposure was followed by a 10-minute break (intermittent exposure). This would also support a nonthermal effect mechanism.
The project results, therefore, serve as a further confirmation of the existence of so-called non-thermal effects."

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Source: Diagnose Funk, 21 Jul 2009

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