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Mobile-phone Basestation radiation causes sperm cell damage in mice
Nigeria Created: 12 Oct 2009
Preliminary Study on the Induction of Sperm Head Abnormalities in Mice, Mus musculus, Exposed to Radiofrequency Radiations from Global System for Mobile Communication Base Stations.

Otitoloju AA, Obe IA, Adewale OA, Otubanjo OA, Osunkalu VO.

Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria, bayotitoloju [-at-] yahoo.com.

The exposure of male mice to radiofrequency radiations from mobile phone (GSM) base stations at a workplace complex and residential quarters caused 39.78 and 46.03%, respectively, in sperm head abnormalities compared to 2.13% in control group. Statistical analysis of sperm head abnormality score showed that there was a significant (p < 0.05) difference in occurrence of sperm head abnormalities in test animals. The major abnormalities observed were knobbed hook, pin-head and banana-shaped sperm head. The occurrence of the sperm head abnormalities was also found to be dose dependent. The implications of the observed increase occurrence of sperm head abnormalities on the reproductive health of humans living in close proximity to GSM base stations were discussed.

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Source: Pubmed, 09 Oct 2009

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