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Letter: Why does Bahrain need so many mobile masts?
Bahrain Created: 19 Nov 2009
Why does such a small island as Bahrain need SO MANY mobile phone masts? They seem to be going up everywhere! We have just had a very large mast erected literally just a few feet away from our apartment.

We are now relocating to a property that is hopefully away from any mobile phone masts!

Our landlord has been convinced by the Bahrain government that these masts are totally harmless!

Is this what the Bahraini government is saying to all the local people?

Do they not care that if you live within 400 metres of a mobile phone mast you can suffer from any, some or all of the following: heart palpitations, headaches, nose bleeding, sleep disorders, itchy and burning skin, depression, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, motor neurone disease, CANCER, leukaemia and brain tumours!

In Germany, it was proven that patients, who had lived within 400 metres of a mast for 10 years were much more likely to get cancer than those living further away. Patients fell ill with cancer nearly eight years younger.

Other studies have shown the same kind of pattern.

Across Europe, mobile phone masts are banned from being erected in residential areas! Come on Bahrain, there is a huge area towards the southern end of the island, so why not put them there?

Some of these masts have apparently been erected illegally, but nothing is done about this when residents complain to the authorities.

If this continues, the brains of the people of Bahrain will literally 'fry'! M H
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Source: Gulf Daily News, M.H, 19 Nov 2009

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