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French Mayor Calls on the People to object to Orange Mast
France Created: 1 Feb 2010
Press Release from the Mayor, 26 January 2010, Orange relay antenna in Chassieu.

At daybreak on this Tuesday 26 January 2010, the inhabitants, the councillors and I discovered to our stupefaction that Orange was in the process of erecting a phone mast 18 metres high to support a relay antenna at 29 chemin de la Grange.

In spite of all the attempts at dialogue with Orange by the Committee for Local Cooperation, constituted in January 2009 on the initiative of the Town Council and the local residents (including members of the campaign group Chasselanítenne), the representatives of environmental groups and pupils' parents;

in spite of strong opposition to the installation of a relay antenna in a situation less than 30 metres away from the nearest houses and about 200 metres from two school campuses, and for which there is no proven need;

in spite of the continuing doubts concerning the risks to public health linked to exposure to electromagnetic radiation;

in spite of repeated demands from the Council to Orange to look for a more suitable site further away from houses and schools;

in spite of the mobilisation of more than a thousand of the townspeople and a residents' association that became the campaign group, Chasselandítenne;

Orange has not taken the slightest notice, and is only concerned with promoting the means of accessing the Internet via a mobile phone so that people will go on spending their money.
Typical of the way they have behaved since the beginning of this affair, Orange informed us of their intentions when in fact they had already started the work!

I object strongly to this contemptuous, poisonous and irresponsible attitude towards the citizenry on the part of the premier mobile phone company in the country.

I am calling for a strong mobilisation of the townspeople and, in general, of everyone who has anxieties about the effects that electromagnetic radiation at close range can have on public health.

I invite them, along with environmental protection groups including Chasselandítenne, which was created specifically to oppose the installation of a relay antenna at 29 chemin de la Grange, to meet all together in front of 29 chemin de la Grange, on Saturday 30 January 2010 at 10am.

Sandra Bernard
Directrice de cabinet et de la communication
Mairie de Chassieu
60, rue de la République
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Source: Next-up, 26 Jan 2010

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