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Probe on safety of telecom masts ongoing
Kenya Created: 29 Sep 2010
The government is conducting a study to establish if the telecommunication masts that maybe near your homestead is a health hazard.

Information and Communication Assistant Minister, George Khaniri, told MPs that the Radiation Protection Board has embarked on a study to establish the health effects of the radiations emitted from the masts.

The issue was raised by Eldoret South MP, Peris Chepchumba, who argued that the erection of the masts dotting various parts of the country, have some adverse health ramifications owing to electromagnetic radiations from these masts.

The radiations cause a myriad of health problems including cancer. “What steps is the government taking to ensure that the possible risks of the electromagnetic radiations from these masts are curbed?” posed the MP. Khaniri however, assured Kenyans pointing out that studies, including ones conducted by the World Health Organisation, have proved that the radiations have
very minimal effect on humans.

“Reputable studies have shown that the effects of the radiations by the masts are very minimal and reduces with distance hence has no effect to the population,” said Khaniri.

He however, said the government is not taking anything to chance, which is why the Radiation Protection Board is conducting studies to see if there are any effects of the radiations on humans.

Ikolomani MP, Bony Khalwale questioned why some masts are erected in high population density areas, despite fears of health hazards, pointing the ministry ought to know the number of masts that will be required in the next two years to ensure regulation.

Khaniri said they would encourage players to share infrastructure so that the erection of the masts are regulated.

“We have developed a policy to encourage mobile telephony players share infrastructure to curb mushrooming of masts in the country,” said the Minister. The installations of the masts, he said, are done following clearance from the Communications Commission of Kenya, National Environmental Management Authority,
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Source: The Standard, Peter Opiyo, 29 Sep 2010

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