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20 minutes a day on cellphone enough to triple ear tumor risk
Japan Created: 17 Nov 2010
A new study from Japan reports a three-fold increased risk for acoustic neuroma in cell phone users who used cell phones for more than 20 minutes per day (the heaviest use category defined) five years before diagnosis. The risk is significant. Ipsilateral use increases the risk.

“Increased risk of acoustic neuroma was observed in cases who reported having used mobile phones on the affected ear for >20 min/day on average. Risk ratio was 2.74 (95% CI, 1.18–7.85) for use until 1 year before diagnosis and 3.08 (95% CI, 1.47–7.41) for use until 5 years before

In conclusion, we found an increased risk of acoustic neuroma in the more frequently used ear for heavy mobile phone users with an average daily call duration >20 min. This increased risk should be interpreted with caution, as detection and recall biases could distort the results away from the null hypothesis. However, we could not identify any convincing evidence for biases that would entirely explain the observed increase of tumors, leaving open the possibility that mobile phone use increased the risk of acoustic neuroma. Further analysis is warranted to confirm our findings and to explore mechanisms underlying the observed association.”

A Case-Case Study of Mobile Phone Use and
Acoustic Neuroma Risk in Japan
Yasuto Sato,1 Suminori Akiba,2 Osami Kubo,3 and NaohitoYamaguchi1*

1Department of Public Health, School ofMedicine,TokyoWomen’sMedical University,
Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo, Japan
2Department of Epidemiology and PreventiveMedicine, Kagoshima University Graduate
School ofMedical and Dental Sciences, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, Japan
3Department of Neurosurgery, School ofMedicine,TokyoWomen’sMedical University,
Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo, Japan

DOI 10.1002/bem.20616
Published online in Wiley Online Library
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Source: EMFacts / via Cindy Sage, 17 Nov 2010

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