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iBurst takes down controversial Fourways tower
South Africa Created: 15 Jan 2011
Mystery surrounds a decision by iBurst to take down a controversial base station in Craigavon in Fourways, north of Sandton.

The company has been under intense pressure from some residents, who have wanted the tower removed as they claimed — among other things — that radiation from the mast was harming their health.

Craigavon resident Tracey-Lee Dorny, who has led the community’s fight against iBurst, says she is relieved the tower has been removed.

However, she says she can’t comment on the reasons it was taken down because she has signed a nondisclosure agreement with iBurst. She says only that there was an out-of-court settlement.

iBurst also isn’t talking. The company’s chief technical officer, Sasan Parvin, says he is not prepared to comment on the decision to dismantle the tower.

“This should be behind us now,” Parvin tells TechCentral. “To raise it again is to the benefit of no one. This is not good for us, the industry, or anyone.”

Dorny says neither she nor the Craigavon community made any payment to iBurst to have the base station removed. She won’t say whether iBurst admitted any liability in terms of the out-of-court settlement.

Dorny moved out of her Craigavon home last year claiming the tower was damaging her family’s health. “We are happy to be home, just in time for Christmas.”

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Source: TechCentral, Duncan McLeod, 20 Dec 2010

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