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First school in Ontario removes WiFi to protect children's health
Canada Created: 8 Sep 2011
An Ontario school has torn out its WiFi and replaced it with a hard-wired internet system to ensure the safety of students.

"This system turns regular electrical outlets into high-speed internet ports. It's faster than wireless, and we have no question regarding safety." said Roberta Murray-Hirst, Principal of Pretty River Academy, a private school (K-12) with 150 students.

In May the World Health Organization warned that radio frequency radiation from WiFi, cell phones and other wireless devices is now considered a "Possible Carcinogen" and placed it on the same list as DDT, lead, and car exhaust.

Pretty River Academy is located in Collingwood north of Toronto. In neighbouring public schools some children have complained of health problems after commercial grade microwave transmitters were installed for internet connection.

For background visit: http://www.safeschool.ca
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Source: Digital Journal / Canada NewsWire, 08 Sep 2011

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