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Phone mast rent squeeze
Scotland Created: 17 Nov 2011
SCOTTISH LANDOWNERS leasing out sites for mobile phone masts face a struggle to maintain the rents they currently charge, according to land agents, Bell Ingram.

New alliances between phone companies, plus the ongoing economic downturn, was leading to downward pressure on phone mast rents across Scotland, said the firm’s Julian Clarke.

Mr Clarke reported numerous cases where major phone operators have claimed that, because they were now sharing phone mast sites with rival companies, their existing sites would be made redundant – and masts would be removed altogether unless rents were dropped.

“Sometimes they are offering to pay between 20 to 30% less than their previously agreed levels and say they’ll just remove the masts altogether if landowners don’t agree to the new rents,” said Mr Clarke.

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Source: The Scottish Farmer, Gordon Davidson, 17 Nov 2011

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