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Councillors reject mobile mast plan
Scotland Created: 9 Dec 2011
COUNCILLORS have turned down a plan to put up a mobile phone mast close to a Bellshill primary school - a year after rejecting a similar proposal for a site just 10 yards away.

There was fierce opposition last year when O2 and Vodafone proposed building a 40-foot high mast outside shops in Lawmuir Road, close to Lawmuir Primary and Orbiston Nursery.

A petition was raised by residents worried about the possible health risks associated with rays from phone masts.

The proposal was turned down by North Lanarkshire Council’s planning committee, but earlier this year the phone giants returned with a similar application for a nearby location.

However, councillors rejected the fresh application after a site visit.

Afterwards, Bellshill councillor Harry Curran welcomed the decision, saying:

“The companies seemed to think it was more suitable because it would have been easier to push prams along the footpath at the new location.

“However, it was just a rehash of the original application, being on ground only 10 or 12 yards away, so I’m delighted with the decision.”

Full story in this week’s Bellshill Speaker.
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Source: Bellshill Speaker, 09 Dec 2011

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