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Concern over planning application for 50ft mobile phone mast next to School
United Kingdom Created: 27 Dec 2011
Deep concern has been expressed by residents and local councillors at a planning application to erect a mobile phone mast on the allotments to the rear of St Bede’s School, next to Gatton Park Road.

The application has been made for a mast which would serve Vodafone and O2 customers, in what the applicant claims is an area of poor coverage. Full details of the application can be viewed on the Council’s website, on this page, and comments on the application can also be made online, using this form. The formal closing date for comments is 27 December, although comments should continue to be submitted after that date, and copied to your local councillors wherever possible. You can also comment on this page, although these will not be formally included in the planning process.

A decision on the application is due to be made by the Planning Committee on 21 January 2012.

Cllr Natalie Bramhall, one of the ward councillors for the area, said:

“Masts should not be sited near schools or where children play, and yet this allotment site is at the back of a school, St Bede’s.

“The visual impact for residents of Carlton Green would also be significant. I do not believe this proposal is acceptable, and if a mast is really needed I am sure there are better sites which will have less impact on local residents.”

Cllr Julian Ellacott, another of the local councillors, urges residents to make their views heard:

“The Planning Committee is there to listen to residents’ objections, and so I urge people to write in, and to attend the meeting itself. Whenever this site has been mooted in the past for any sort of development we have resisted it. Although we cannot stop the phone companies making any application they like, including this one, what we can and have to do is put forward reasoned views so that we get a sensible decision on it.

“Over the years the Planning Committee, supported by local residents and councillors, has prevented a significant number of undesirable developments in Carlton Road and surrounding areas, which would have damaged its pleasant character, and I am hopeful that the Committee will again see good reason not to spoil the area by allowing this application.”
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Source: Redhill Councillors, 24 Dec 2011

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