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Councillors reject advice by turning down plan for mobile phone masts
Scotland Created: 21 Feb 2012
Plans for two mobile phone masts at a city bowling club have been thrown out against a backdrop of strong public opposition.

Elected members sitting on Dundee City Council's development management committee overwhelmingly rejected the application to put up 13.7-metre replica flagpole telecommunications masts at the south-west and south-east corners of Dudhope Bowling Club in Adelaide Place for Vodafone and Telefonica (O2).

The application, which is the third of its kind for the site, attracted a number of local objections. People protested against the plan on the grounds that it would feature too dominantly in the area. It was also claimed the applicants had not properly considered other sites.

Among the many deputations heard by councillors was one from Graham Anderson, who said the masts would tower over local streets and look unconvincing as flag poles.

''That doesn't strike me as being a sensitive design for the area,'' he said. ''They will be taller that than all the neighbouring houses and trees.

''This area is normally very peaceful, but that will be replaced with animosity and distress if this plan is allowed to go ahead.''

This view was echoed by Stewart Carrie of St David's High Kirk, who voiced concern at the possible health implications.

He said: ''The site choice has not been as thorough as it should be. This is the technically the most suited site, but that is not what this is about.''

The development management committee had been advised to approve the application by the director of city development Mike Galloway.

He said the application was different to previously failed plans because the masts would be split into two sites and therefore appear more convincing as flag poles.

However, this view was not shared by the elected members, with the Coldside councillor Mohammed Asif moving for refusal.

He said: ''The height is going to be enormous in what is a residential area and a conservation area.''
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Source: Scotland Courier, 21 Feb 2012

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