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EMR Action Day : 5 June 2012 is World Environment Day
South Africa Created: 19 May 2012
Dear Valued Friends and Colleagues
21 April 2012 has come and gone and what is left is the satisfaction of having seen the public beginning to question the sanity of humanity's use of man-made electromagnetic radiation.
Reports came in from far and wide about celebrations of natural communications, protests against the non-natural, radiation-measuring walks through towns and cities, wireless-free-day encouragement, petition signing, smart meter removals, moratoria and white papers, and even the education of women to take the dastardly phone out of their bras!

It was exciting and rewarding to be part of EMR Action Day. If nothing happened in your area, please start doing some forward thinking as to how YOU can make a splash next year - and well before then! Every drop eventually makes up an ocean.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who participated and a special thank you to those who did all-nighters behind the scenes in preparing material, website, petitions, brochures, stands at Earth Day events etc.

If you would still like to tell us how you were involved, please do so.

Here are some upcoming events in which we encourage your participation. (Should your organization wish inclusion of your future events in our bi-monthly newsletters, kindly forward a 2-3 liner for acceptance and publication to mail to:vickyben@mweb.co.za

MAY 31 is the first anniversary of the WHO classification of RF Fields as a possible carcinogen, The telecom industry and US federal government continue to deceive the public. Join our national rally in front of wireless stores this May 31 to demand our RIGHT TO KNOW! YOUR support is greatly needed. For details contact Ellie Marks (California Brain Tumor Association) cabtasf@hotmail.com

5 June 2012 is World Environment Day and it is important that our struggle is brought firmly into the realm of the environment. To keep the impetus established alive here are some suggestions for Tuesday 5 June
Show the movie Full Signal in your local venue
Have a picnic/protest in an open space that is under attack from masts (position yourselves away from the beams!)
Hold a gathering, with suitable media coverage, around trees that are being killed by the radiation. Put fabric (not plastic!) ribbons/sashes around
these precious creations.
Encourage friends (and even foes) to have a wireless-free-day once a month or more frequently.

A protest in support of the One Code 4 MCS/EHS to recognise EHS – just 5 MEP are needed to start the campaign. Let’s get the rest of the MEP in Europe interested. An awareness event will very soon be organized using the idea of carrying shielded umbrellas as well as placards across street crossings - easy to do all over Europe and a sure publicity catcher.

Regarding the Petition, a reminder that filled in petitions (even if incomplete) should be scanned and e-mailed to vickyben@mweb.co.za. The originals should be mailed to:

EMR Action Day, P O Box 2093, Northwold 2155, South Africa.
Please collect signatures at every opportunity and once we have a reasonable number, these will be presented to the UNEP and WHO.

The importance of language utilized cannot be understated and it is imperative that we sing from the same hymn sheet. The phrase “OPT OUT” as promulgated by the smart meter industry is a carefully laid trap and should not be entertained. Replace it with “REFUSE” in all demands in literature, correspondence and in court. To accept “opt-out” means that there has already been “buy-in” with a subjugation of rights, which is UNTRUE. It also gives the other side the way back in, at a later stage. “Refuse” stops it dead in its tracks. These guys are clever and we need to call their bluff! Let us meet strength with strength.

Remember to go to the website (www.EMRActionDay.org) which includes scientific and medical studies which are only a click-away. These carry a lot of clout in arguments.

EMR Action Day exists to encourage others and strengthen their voices in this vital work that is being done by more and more people all over the world. We honour you.
Kind regards
EMR Action Committee
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Source: Agnes Ingvarsdottir.

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