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Call for donations: Evaluation of new epidemiological data for assessing the risk of brain tumours from mobile phone radiation
Sweden Created: 3 Jun 2012
‘Pandora - Foundation for independent research’, ‘Diagnose-Funk - Environmental and consumer-rights organization for the protection from electromagnetic fields and radiation’ and ‘Competence Initiative - for the Protection of Mankind, the Environment and Democracy’ jointly call for donations in order to support Prof. Lennart Hardell’s research project at the Department of Oncology of the University Hospital of Örebro, Sweden.

Prof. Hardell made significant contributions to the conclusion of WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in May 2011 that radiofrequency radiation is "possibly carcinogenic" to humans with his epidemiological studies. This is the reason why aggressive attempts are being made in the international arena to challenge his research data. Since industry and government refuse to provide funds for his ongoing research, he is helpless to defend himself through continuing his research.

Hardell’s grant application (www.pandora-foundation.eu/assets/pandora_hardell_english.pdf ) submitted to Pandora Foundation shows that a voluminous set of data is at his disposal for investigation into the use of mobile phones by a large number of men and women whose brain tumours were diagnosed in Sweden between 2007 and 2009. The evaluation of these data will add considerably to the current state of knowledge, because compared to any other study, the exposure time to mobile phone radiation is several years longer, and, therefore, creates a more reliable basis for risk assessment.

In his application to the Pandora Foundation, Hardell indicates costs of about 51.000 Euro for his research project. Details are provided in the project description. For two years now, he has tried to get together this amount of money, which is comparably small for research projects of this kind. But he has not had success. Government and industry obviously agree in their efforts that their commercial plans should not be hampered through scientific findings enforcing that more weight is given to radiation protection of people than hitherto has been considered necessary.

Pandora Foundation, Diagnose-Funk (www.diagnose-funk.org) and Competence Initiative (www.kompetenzinitiative.net) consider it the best and wisest form of protest against such a profit based policy, if independent scientists and concerned citizens get up the fortitude to take their fate in their own hands. We intend to raise money on our own for a research project suitable to reveal threats to mankind and nature before the aftermath is irreparable. We informed Hardell that we are confident to be able to provide the necessary funds for his project within the next 6 months. Hardell assured us that he will move forward with his research, when about on third of the means will be available. Should you wish to learn more about the reasons of our activities, please read www.stiftung-pandora.eu/dokumentation/die-grenzwerte-der-hochfrequenzstrahlung.html (an English version will follow soon).

We kindly ask you to support Prof. Hardell`s research according to your possibilities:
Pandora – Stiftung / Deutsche Bank Berlin / Konto 4 26 16 99 00 / BLZ 100 700 00
Pandora – Stiftung / Deutsche Bank Berlin / IBAN: DE18100700000426169900 / BIC: DEUTDEBBXXX
Keyword Hardell
According to Article 10 of the German Income Tax Act the Pandora Foundation is entitled to issue tax-deductible receipts for donations supporting its scientific purposes.
The three organization guarantee that the money received under the keyword ‘Hardell’ will be transferred to the applicant without any deduction.
Project site: http://www.pandora-foundation.eu/projects/hardell-project/index.html
Contact: hardell-projekt@stiftung-pandora.eu
More informations: www.diagnose-funk.org | www.kompetenzinitiative.net
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Source: Iris Atzmon/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

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