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'Comply with environmental standards', NESREA tells Telecom operators
Nigeria Created: 5 Jun 2012
The National Environmental Standards Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) in Kebbi has threatened to shut down organisations that violate specifications on the erection of telecommunications masts.

NESREA state co-ordinator, Kasim Ahmed, added that the agency would adhere to all environmental sustainability practices in line with set standards.

"Masts must comply with provisions of the Environmental Impact Assessment act and environmental audit," Ahmed said.

He said there were dangers in locating telecommunications masts close to residential areas, as the masts would result in emission of radioactive elements that impair the immune system and neurological functions in humans.

Ahmed added that the masts also cause cracks in buildings, while depression and fatigue also arise from radiation impacts on fertility, metabolism and other health complications.
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Source: Dialy Times, Vincent Ehiabhi, 10 May 2012

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