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Healing the Earth with Harmonic Convergence 2- September 22-23, 2012
Afghanistan Created: 25 Aug 2012
PRESS RELEASE 2012, Healing the Earth with Harmonic Convergence 2- September 22-23, 2012.

On the Autumn Equinox weekend this September 22-23, 2012, people will gather for Harmonic Convergence 2 in simultaneous events around the globe, in order to affirm a new global reality based on peace, environmental purification, and freedom from corporate technologies that are poisoning the people and wildlife of the Earth.

A quarter-century ago, in 1987, the first Harmonic Convergence inspired the largest simultaneous global healing events this world has ever witnessed. The global intention was to synergize a new era of peace, consciousness and environmental purification .It brought people together around the globe at hundreds of sites including Mt. Shasta, Chaco Canyon, Haleakala Crater, Boulder, Central Park, Mt.Tamalpais, Sedona, Niagara Falls, Mt. Tecate, Mystery Hill, and the Grand Canyon in the U.S.; Machu Picchu in Peru; Lake Titicaca in Bolivia; Mt. Fuji in Japan; Ayers Rock in Australia; the Great Pyramids in Egypt; Stonehenge in Great Britain; and the Temples of Delphi in Greece.

Actress Shirley McLain called the 1987 Harmonic Convergence a "window of light," that synergized a new realm of awareness. Soon after this Harmonic Convergence, the world did indeed shift in awareness. The Berlin Wall came down, Brazil shifted to a democracy, Nelson Mandela was released from prison as South Africa’s Apartheid system ended, and the Communist regime of the USSR disintegrated.

These 25 years later, it is all the more critical that the world come together with a concerted intention to establish peace and stop the blatant poisoning of Earth and her people. We believe that once citizens learn the truth that has been hidden from them by corporate media control and are given the opportunity to stop harmful agendas that do not serve the highest good of all, they will choose to act to stop these agendas.

Currently, a small collective of corporate giants and banking families control global economics and all major media outlets. Because of this massive control, the vast array of scientific studies conducted by concerned academics that prove how we are being poisoned by these corporations, have been hidden from public knowledge. And new technological advances that could replace these harmful technologies, have been stifled. The harmful technologies now threatening the future of humanity and wildlife include GMOs, pesticides, smart meters and wireless radiation, fracking, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, vaccines, weather control (HAARP/GWEN), and chemtrails. (Please visit the Heal the Earth tab on this website to see evidence documenting how dangerous these activities are.)

One in three people are now getting cancer in the U.S. Trillions of dollars can be saved yearly on healthcare alone, once corporations stop poisoning us. Ending war offensives that support corporate banking manipulation of the global economy can save at least as much money. With the concerted will of the citizens of the Earth, new laws and a new global economy can be forged based on right-livelihood and local, sustainable practices that ensure health and equal opportunity for all.

Harmonic Convergence 2 events will help educate people about corporate activities that are harming us and set a global intention to stop these agendas. By using circle ceremony at sacred nature sites, this event will empower us to join together to reclaim and purify our Earth’s land, air, water, and food. Armed with the truth and a collective vision, a sustainable economic system of abundance for all can be created with supportive laws written and voted upon by informed citizens of the world.
We request that there be no buying and selling of products at Harmonic Convergence 2 events. We also ask that wireless technology be left at home and that these events be held in natural locations well away from cell towers and other antennas that emit wireless radiation. Wireless emissions measure trillions of times higher than the human brain and the Earth’s own natural healing frequency. We want to insure that those who attend these events can utilize the unadulterated healing energy of the Earth, as they come together to connect and energize a new vision for the world. See: www.HarmonicPlanet.org for more information.
Together, with Great Auspicious Vision, we create a world that nurtures the Highest Good of All
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Source: Lisa Anderson/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

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