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Proliferation of GSM masts: Is there a danger to health?
Algeria Created: 2 Feb 2006
Proliferation of GSM masts

Is there a danger to health?

Masts for GSM or the BTS sprouts a little everywhere on the roofs of the buildings and the individual dwellings of the capital.

It's to ensure a better possible cover of the mobile networks of telephony. According to figures' provided by the communication Autority of regulation of the post office and telecommunications (ARPT), the three brought together operators installed, at December 31, 2005, 6189 BTS through the own territory.

Wataniya Telecom Algeria installed 1163 relays GSM while OTA in established 3086. Mobilis, as for him, laid out, at the end of the month preceding, 1940 BTS through lensemble of the own territory, a figure re-examined with the rise puisquil reached, in l espace dun month, 2050 relays GSM, inc
including more than 300 for Algiers, according to the information provided by executives of the subsidiary company dAlgery Telecom. T
the massive presence of these antenna-relays does not miss dinquiéter the residents. Professors of the CEM the Victoire, located in Bab Djedid, thus complained about repetitive headaches and this, since the installation dune antenna-relay GSM (or BTS) above létablissement. In spite of larticle 5 of larrêté of wilaya n° 733 of 8 May 2005 prohibiting any dantenne-relay installation on the school establishments and in spite of a note transmitted, in 2001, with the directors of leducation of wilaya, exhortant them with sopposer, by measurement of precaution, with linstallation déquipements of transmission above the colleges and the CEM, this law na apparently not respected. Lon raises the question consequently if this nuisance is really generated by the installation of these relays or sagit it dune other causes? The professors of this school establishment are not the only ones to complain about migraines. The inhabitants dun real, located at lavenue Victor Hugo, in full center dAlger, on which an operator installed an antenna BTS felt faintnesses. Idem for the residents of this building located at Garidi I, Kouba, and whose their building supports more than four antenna-relays GSM. In addition to the migraines, to the occupants face another problem: that which these electronics components as for letancheity of their building represent. If the cisterns deau are not tolerated on the roofs like that was the case for inhabitants of Anasser, because of the weight on letancheity, for which reasons the antenna-relays can't they, they also to constitute a real danger with the inhabitants dun? "We navons any right on antenna-relays GSM installed on the few buildings which we manage", attests a source of lOPGI of Hussein Dey Of the inhabitants dun district in Hussein Dey were raised following linstallation dune antenna-relay GSM near their dwelling. The owner dune villa, without informing them, would have authorized a mobile operator of telephony to install his BTS. "We fear for our health and that of our children", attests the residents. In Aïn Naâdja, the patients dune clinical are confronted with the nuisances related to linstallation dune antenna-relay on a distance of five meters of this hospital! Even the castles deau nont not escaped with "temptations" of the telephone operators consequently quils represent a place idoine. Are the committee of district and the real collective of the inhabitants dun associated the decision dinstaller a antenna-relay or, quite simply, are put in front of the accomplished fact? Relays and our health Why ny doesn't it have a law which regulates the BTS installed near the school establishments, of the hospitals and the houses of the old people like that was made in France (with less than 100 m) or in Sweden (with less than 2000 m)? Does N have there T-it not, in Algeria, an organization in charge of the environmental medical safety which could take care of the file health and mobile with linstar of lAFSE in France? As many questions which remain unanswered in labsence dun interlocutor to the level of the wilaya. The persons in charge for the service of the regulation of Drag whom we contacted, on several occasions, are "in working session" or "did not return yet", one retorted us. Officially, and if lon believes the international regulations of them, it ny would not have a danger to live near the antenna-relays. The opinions of the scientific experts are convergent: the levels of power of the antennas of mobile telephony are too low to present a risk on the health of the people living in their vicinity. Last study in date, that of the researchers of luniversity of Leeds, in Great Britain, published since a few days. This study, which concerned 966 British, whose lâge varies between 18 and 69 years, serving regularly dun portable telephone and having suffered between 2000 and 2004 dun gliome, the shape of relatively frequent cerebral tumour at lhomme, concluded quil ny has any relation between lutilisation of the portable telephone and lapparition of cerebral tumours "It ny has any specific risk compared to the average duration, the frequency of the calls passed, lâge of lusager and numbers it dannées dusage", concluded this study "Forgery! ", rétorquent dautres scientific often close to the associations opposed to the relay stations. These antennas could involve lesions much more serious: epilepsy, disease dAlzeimer, and even of cancers. These scientists denounce lapport financial operators with these studies blaming consequently their independence. Parabolic ugliness on our roofs In another chapter, the anarchistic proliferation of these antennas and relay made ugly the external landscape dune capital already disfigured considerably by the urbanistic aggressions. It goes without saying that vis-a-vis the mediocrity programs of our single chain of national television, the Algerian televiewers quickly made be directed towards foreign programs. Cest as well as French, public and private chains as those of the Arab countries came to be grafted in the Algerian audio-visual landscape. Films, documentary, emissions of entertainment and competitions sporting, bitten of Algiers cathode ray tube discovered the advantages of the satellite reception. The numerical demodulators, after those analogical, made their appearance in the media landscape. Lintroduction on the national market of Asian electronic products "assembled" with Bordj Bou Arréridj made the remainder. That it is in El Hamiz or elsewhere, the "demonstrations flashés" are past like rolls. Of different size, limplantation of the parabolic plates on the balconies, the roofs and even the walls of frontage of the dwellings considerably made ugly the landscape external of the capital. It ny does not have only one building which is not infected by the phenomenon of the parabola. Households have even two even three plates of parabola, lune reserved for the Western programs, another with the Arab chains, namely El Jazeera or El Arabiya. Except that in the capital like elsewhere, no regulation nor law nest come to put a term at this indescribable anarchy as if the authorities lowered the arms in front of such a bear garden.

Nadir Kerri
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Source: S: Nadir Kerri

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