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Robin des Toits national french association just suspended their participation to the COPIC work
France Created: 28 Jan 2013
Dear friends in fight,
Robin des Toits national french association just suspended their participation to the COPIC works (Comittee on experimentation on lowering public exposition to EMFs under 0.6V/m a scientific threshold under which, for 2G 1800 MHz EMFs, no biological harm has been demonstrated).
Robin des Toits was the initiator of this experiment, dating back in 2009, during french governemental initiative on environment known as « Grenelle de l'environnement » and its declination into « Grenelle des ondes » for EMFs.

COPIC works have to date shown that it was possible to lower public exposure down to 0.6V/m in central Paris 14th arrondissement, provided the number of phone masts be multiplied by 3 ; the same result would be achieved in the city of Grenoble multiplying the number of antennaes by 1.6 ; and there's no need to add any in the city of Kruth in Alsace, where cumulated exposure reaches an utmost 0,3V/m.

Those results are embarassing for the network operators, because these results validate what we always have told publicly : on a technical point of view, it is highly feasible to have an exposure that wouldn't exceed 0.6V/m yet it is not as profitable as a statu quo for operators who will need to invest money to add some more antennaes and reconfigurate their own network.

Yet, the ANFR (national french agency for regulation of telecom frequencies) wishes to add up some more « new objectives » to our experiment, with the unhidden objective to forget all about 0.6V/m benefits. As we do not want our works to go down the drain, we chose to opt out of the COPIC, so as not to become a caution for more works we do not agree with.

At the same time, the Laurence Abeille (Green party deputy) bill has been revised by the economical affairs commission where it underwent a rather radical slimming diet. Moreover, Delphine Batho, Minister of Ecology, intends to submit, in June, a bill that could give a lot more way to network operators regardless to the cost on public health.

We think the Minister will rely on biased COPIC works that will be submitted to them in June and that have as an objective to prop up the number of antennaes necessary to apply the 0.6V/m threshold, on the ANSES (national agency for health and environment studies) which, on a brilliant timing, will be released in june as well, and which will certainly have much more reassuring conclusions than those of the Bioinitiative 2012 report...

Every fact we are faced with leaves us with the impression that the Ecology Minister bill, once passed into law, will preserve only the interests of industry people, by a so-pretended « lowering » of EMF levels to 5 or 6V/m, as compared to current french norms of 48 to 61V/m - while it is a technical highering as very rarely numbers as high as 5V/m are seen in reality.

6V/m is the minimum acceptable threshold for network ops, as this level implies no change, i. e. no cost on their infrastructure, permitting them to keep their masts network just as it is.

Robin des Toits hence suspends their participation in COPIC works, and, by doing so, we stop the research on current results, whose research were performed in a satisfactory manner.

We cannot give our caution to a project that would only give priority to business and that would be detrimental to public health.
Very Best Regards,
Robin des Toits Spokesman
Correspondance : 33 rue d'Amsterdam 75008 Paris
Tél. : 33 1 47 00 96 33
E-mail : contact@robindestoits.org
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Source: Etienne Cendrier/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

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