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Tetra Legislation Lost By Two Votes
Wales Created: 14 Feb 2006
Tetra Legislation Lost By Two Votes

New legislation that could have helped Pembrokeshire's anti TETRA campaigners failed to get through the Welsh Assembly THE founders of Pembrokeshire's Harriet Davis Seaside Holiday Trust have expressed disappointment that a Plaid Cymru proposal to revise telecommunication mast planning guidelines was rejected by the Welsh Assembly Government last week.

The motion to support this legislation was lost by 2 votes, with 27 Assembly Members voting for it and 29 against.

Speaking of the AMs who voted against the measure, Kit Davies of the trust said:

"None of them probably live near one or have a disabled child. How many of them would want to live near one or stay near one?"

Mrs. Davis and her husband founded the trust in memory of their daughter Harriet who died aged 11 from a rare degenerative metabolic disease which had left her in a wheelchair.

On their trips to Pembrokeshire and elsewhere, Mr and Mrs Davis became increasingly aware that families with disabled children were simply not catered for. Their determination and dedication has led to the establishment of three holiday houses for disabled children.

The trust's Wheelabout House in Penally is specially adapted to make it ideal for use by families with disabled children. It is located within a few metres of the proposed TETRA mast site.

Last Wednesday's revised legislation to ensure communications masts are more sensitively situated was proposed by Plaid Cymru AM Janet Davies. She suggested measures to tighten up guidelines on communications masts, particularly when they are sited near schools, hospitals, and homes for the elderly.

The proposal would have, in effect, required all telecommunications developments to be determined by a full planning process. It also would have required submission of a precautionary statement outlining the potential and real health effects of all developments for electronic communications apparatus as part of that application.

Janet Davies slammed New Labour and the Conservatives for voting against the motion.

"This is a huge disappointment for many communities in Wales," said the Plaid Cymru AM for South West Wales.

"Both New Labour and certain Conservative members have shown that they neither know nor care about the concerns of many people in Wales.

"This would have been a sensible way of dealing with communication masts. This legislation would have ensured a level playing field.

"If a mast is erected it would have had to go through a normal planning process."
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