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Amir B. was in the high court and reported about the WiFi lawsuit
Israel Created: 20 Jul 2013
Amir B was in the high court and reported about the WiFi lawsuit...

In addition he reported in Hebrew additional things that I think may interest:
lawyer Michael Bach critisized the Ministry of Education about the new executive form that was filed in the last moment, he asked whether the whole purpose is to postpone the process while spreading more WiFi. The court said there was nothing wrong with filing the form before the discussion. The new version that was given to the media and to the court several days before the court discussion, contains the same texts like in the former versions, but in a different order. The new addition in this form, is that wireless networks won't be installed in kindergartens, but in first and second grades it will be possible to expose the children 3 times a week for an hour each time, and from third grade - free exposure. According to lawyer Michael Bach, the standards are not protective and if they were protective enough there would be no reason for the precautionary principle. He said that the decision to expose pupils from first grade shows about confusion, lack of seriousness, and just wanting to do the duty for the court. Beyond that, it is not right to treat children non equally. Bach said that the Ministry presented nice contracts but in practice put WiFi and on the Ministry's website there is still guidance about installing wireless network. The representative from the Ministry said that the document is not from the Ministry of Education's website but from the website that shares info by the Government with the public. She said that the lawsuit was filed early, that it is not ripe, and this is the reason for the documents updates, the product of work on the subject. She said that the form is based on opinions of experts from the education, health and environment ministries and the best way is to install wired and when there is no choice, to install wireless under limitations. The judges wanted to know what happens in practice. The representative responded by reading from the form about the exposures conditions, the court asked for numbers - why they did not give numbers what's going on in schools. She said there are 1300 schools with WiFi. Otherwise there aren't unless it was initiated locally. Whoever wants to install WiFi will have to work by the new form.

Court: what will happen next year in schools?

representative: whoever has WiFi will have to work according to the form.

Those who do not have WiFi, will have to install according to the form.

Audience comments: there are no schools with wired network.

Court: schools that have wireless- will they have to install wired?

Representative: "certainly"

audience comments: not true

Court asked to give numbers and said- there are people who are especially sensitive, how many are there? are you acting in order to find them?

Representative: right now it is not known about such cases. A student who has EHS will report to the school principle and they will prevent the exposure.

Court: there are children with EHS in this lawsuit.

audience comment: my daughter

Lawyer Michael Bach presented a parent of the EHS girl, and said: in practice they activate wireless even if there is wired connection. The parent of the girl related to the headaches and sleep disorders of her children since wireless networks have been activated in school. Bach said: in appendix 9.1- 9.13 we see how the Ministry of Education funded, encouraged and pushed the wireless networks in schools. In a correspondence between Avraham Tachover and the city representative from Modiin, the city representative commented that "everything is done according to, and funded by, the Ministry of Education.

Judge: "I have no idea what's going on in practice."

Lawyer Bach repeated after what one of the plaintiffs, Mr. Ran Greenberg, said: that 80 of 240 parents asked to turn off the WiFi in school and they did not turn it off.

Michael Bach said that he read the new executive form several times and he did not understand, what a school's headmaster is supposed to understand from this form, if he/she wants to install computers network.

He said: the Ministry of Education must give clear decision that in all schools wired network should be installed and only in isolated cases when it's impossible then wireless. And in any case, it is possible to install wired, as it is done in the industry, in the army, in governmental offices, and more. Bach asked the court to give this a validation of a decision. He also asked for an approval to hear the parents but was refused.

Court decided:

There is a new executive form. This form will be valid. There is great importance for data about what is going on in practice in schools. The Ministry of Education will give data on how many schools have WiFi, how many schools installed wired network, and the number of schools where there are EHS children.
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Source: Iris Atzmon/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

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