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SCENIHR Scandal: The Evidence
Sweden Created: 2 May 2014
Summary and documents from Lennart Hardell and the BioInitiative Working Group. The documents mentioned are downloadable from the links at the bottom.

Here is a summary of documents re. SCENIHR. Note that Johan Schuz is employed at IARC. Is his scientific misconduct in the realm of IARC rules?

We have submitted comments dated 24 March 2014, see enclosure [1], on the fact that SCENIHR systematically excluded all of our results, both the most recent ones but also previous ones on brain tumour risk from wireless phone use. The person in charge of the epidemiological section is Joachim Schüz at IARC.

Kjell Hansson Mild in our group is a member of the Expert Group and he brought to attention that our recent studies should be included but without any response.

There has been a public meeting on SCENIHR in Athens 28 March 2014 and Eileen O'Connor from Radiation Research Trust (UK) publically noticed that our studies were omitted. As a response John Ryan, Accting Director, European Commission sent an e-mail to Eileen O'Connor 22 April 2014 [2] with the message that the process is transparent and seemingly that Kjell Hansson Mild from our group is one guarantee for that (and thus approved the exclusion of our studies).

That statement is not correct. On the contrary Kjell Hansson Mild decribes in an e-mail to John Ryan dated 28 April 2014 [3] the lack of an objective evaluation of epidemiological findings on brain tumour risk and that there are fatal flaws in the report. He tried in vain to have our studies included. Joachim Schüz at IARC is to be blamed for the situation.

Also the BioInitiative Working Group has sent a letter to John Ryan, dated 30 April 2014 [4].

Kind regards,
Lennart Hardell

Document links:

[1]: Hardell et al comments on SCENIHR 2013 24 March 2014
[2]: Ryan letter to O'Connor 22 April 2014
[3]: Hansson Mild letter to Ryan 28 April 2014
[4]: BioInitiative to Ryan on Hansson Mild 30 April 2014

Source: Prof. Lennart Hardell, via email, 30 Apr 2014

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