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Wessely and his wife Claire Gerada rule HPA and GP advice in Britain, So when was the Uk promoted to a Banana republic?
Ireland Created: 26 Jun 2014
Ladies and Gentlemen,
(Comment by editor: When did important Health considerations become a family interest firm?, no wonder we are now just UK and NOT GB)
The appointment of Simon Wessely as head of the Royal College of Psychiatrists has an important element as outlined by a contact from France who wishes to remain anonymous:
"Until recently Wessely's wife Claire Gerada was Chair of the Royal College of General practitioners. A body largely responsible (if not entirely) for formulating GP policy (through the pyramid/compartmentalisation process again) .

This no doubt explains why most GP's are sceptical when presented with a patient who complains of EHS/CFD/ME/GWS. When a patient goes to a GP and complains of the classical EHS symptoms of lving near a mast -headaches, depression, sleeplessness, nevousness, panic attacks etc they are met with leading quesions such as:

Any thoughts of self-harm?
Any domestic or work problems?
Behavioural difficulties?

By the way if you look up symptoms of 'Stress' they are the same as EHS etc.

Questions that quite obviously have been formulated by psychiatrists.

The use of psychiatry is quite clearly a major tool in the subtle policing/control of anyone who suffers and 'inconvenient' environmentally induced medical condition, or indeed anyone who questions anything. Wessley has even implied that lung cancer is a psychological condition.

Just as the media has brainwashed people to an extent that they believe anything they hear, once non-suffering people are told that EHS is a psychological condition the more they are likely to turn on sufferers calling for them to be locked away. Peoople in Scotland who have been to their GP saying they suffer from EHS have had the GP tell hm 'I've been asked to refer you for psychiatric assessment'. They of course at the time were so shocked, they didn't have the presence of mind to ask 'been asked by who?'

I was told by a GP 'a mast cannot affect you'. Since when was she qualified to make such a statement.

There is no doubt psychology/media manipulation is going to be the major tool to stave off attention from communications radiation health effects."

A second opinion from a psychiatrist:

As a psychiatrist I dare to say that the small article of Wesseley et al is scientific nonsense.They are comparing the ancient hermits/saints with the modern refugees by quoting contemporary descriptions and own declarations. In the case of the saints they do not question them, in the case of EHS and MCS they doubt and do not take the self-descriptions and declarations seriously - they are interpreting them ... that may be helpful in a psychotherapy ( to give a better understanding of himself to the patient, and, in the therapeutic dialogue the patient may refuse it). However it is not allowed (scientifically) to speculate/ to bring some fantasies about the motivation of "modern hermits" without any proof. You cannot prove them neither disprove. Instead of fantasies they should have investigated the literature on MCS etc. Do you know the letter of Martin Pall to the editor?


I trust you can appreciate the power and influence this couple represents to sufferers and the benefits to industry.

Kind regards,

John Weigel
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Source: John Weigel/Agnes Ingvarsdottir

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