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A Refuge! Offer to Australian EMR/EHS sufferers!
Australia Created: 22 Sep 2014
I am in a pretty desperate situation at the moment. I am 49 years old and have severe EHS cannot live in the city as it is unbearable. I am a prisoner in my own home and cannot go outside for any longer than a half hour when in the city and even then I have to run like a rat in a maze to avoid the phone tower locations. Prior to this condition arising, I had 40 years straight of chronic insomnia. Immediately after getting rid of the insomnia, this EHS developed. My condition has driven me to contemplating suicide almost daily as there is no escape from these phone towers.

I was forced to move to the country and was lucky enough that my father had a cottage in the hills that has none, or extremely limited phone coverage. I can live here without any problems from phone towers. The land that the cottage is on is crown land and adjoins our titled land and has been used by our family for over 150 years as one block. It is located outside of Wangaratta Victoria in the King Valley. There are wineries and all sorts of other things in the area on the other side of the mountain. There are towns within 30 min drive.

We entered an agreement to buy the crown land that adjoins our land and put a deposit on the land. Then it got complicated and the DEPI decided that they did not want to go through with the sale and are talking about demolishing the cottage where I live and taking the land. They are in breach of contract but we are having a great deal of problems getting justice. This is possibly one of the few places in the world where I can live and still run my business. So if I am evicted I am going to be devastated as my whole life has been completely destroyed, yet again by big corporations that work in collusion with government for their own self interests.

I do not consent to being irradiated every day all day for someone else’s profit.

So here is what I want to do. I want to bring lots of people with the same condition as me to this property and declare it as a sanctuary for EHS sufferers. I want people who are prepared to defend our rights and stand up to the government and demand that we be given this one area where we can be left alone and not be irradiated. I want this area declared as a sanctuary where telcos cannot infringe.

We have vast tracts of land that is completely owned by us and cannot be taken away. It is beautiful countryside with plenty of trees and much scope for secluded living. My father is willing to let people come here and build their own cottages, grow their own food and put in a little bit of farm work to earn their keep. There is some work in the surrounding districts with various farms like vineyards. There may be some work for people who have website or IT experience, but I cannot promise this as my business has been devastated by my condition.

If there are some people with legal experience, that would be a real bonus as we are going to need them to oppose any phone towers that they may be planning to build near here in the future. We can organise temporary accommodation in sheds etc while they build their huts. Yes the immediate accommodation is rough, but we have no other choice. There will be some normal bedrooms for those that get here first and appear to be easy to live with. We do not really want to have political extremists of either persuasion here and would prefer people who are happy, easy to get along with, and are positive even though they are in a bad situation. We will understand if you are angry about your situation, but we want to make the best of what we have and enjoy the company of good people.

This will not be a farm full of hippies that sit around all day banging drums and smoking weed. I have nothing against weed smokers, and what they do in their own hut is their business. We intend to have a gym, (hopefully MMA, boxing, BJJ, yoga, gymnastics), communal kitchen, internet hub and other features as the need arises. These things need to be built so we need to have people that want to put in a couple of hours of work per day in whatever capacity you are able. We are not made of money so things will get built as the finances allow.

If you have a business that runs on the internet and would like to move it here, we can work that out, I did. If you have a healing business, meditation, yoga, massage or some other interest that you would like to set up here, you would be more than welcome. We are not looking to make a profit, however if there are people that have an entrepreneurial spirit and can come up with a good concept we are all ears.

We need people here now, today, this week. Even if you can come only for a couple of days or a week to have a look around and we can get to know you, let us know. The showdown with the government is going to happen in two weeks and we need people who are prepared to stand up for all of our freedoms and our right to be free from radiation. You can bring caravans, tents, vans whatever, and if the government doesn’t like it, too bad, they started this.

If interested, send me an email with your details about yourself (interests, experience, abilities, ambitions, likes dislikes etc) and contact info to:

You are welcome to just drop in and say hello, we need all the support we can get.

Please read also Kim Goldbergs, Refugium, account, which also has pictures of the landscape where he proposes the Refugium.
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Source: Agnes Ingvarsdottir

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