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Registration deadline is 29 oct. for EU open hearing on EHS
Belgium Created: 25 Oct 2014
Dear all, I receive from Beperk de Straling and I forward to you this important news:.

Hearing on EHS in Brussels: "Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is causing distress and loss of quality of life to a growing number of Europeans and according to new estimates, between 3 % and 5% of the population are electro-sensitive. The most common sources of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) pollution are mobile phone masts, cordless phones and Wi-Fi routers installed in the homes. All these emit microwaves permanently (24/7) in the places where they are installed.

This event will gather all relevant stakeholders from a broad range of European civil society for a debate on how to deal with this issue at EU level and to give input for the future EESC's opinion that is scheduled for adoption in January 2015.


Deadline for registration: 29/10/2014

Which organisations/persons are coming to Brussels for this hearing?
It could be interesting to have an (informal) meeting afterwards so
that we can get to know each other and exchange some information?
Please let us know who would be interested in this!

Best regards,

Francesca Romana Orlando
Vice President of A.M.I.C.A.
Association for Chronic Toxic and Environmental Injury
Email: francescaromana.amica @ gmail.com
Website: www.infoamica.it

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Source: A.M.I.C.A & Beperk de Straling, via email from Iris Atzmon, 25 oct 2014

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