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This is what the EESC debate is all about
Belgium Created: 19 Jan 2015
The European Economic and Social Committee is on the way with an opinion statement on electro-hypersensitivity, otherwise known as microwave-sickness and EHS and we've been publishing news about the process over the last couple of days.
To aid understanding of what's happening, this post brings together the discussion:

First, see the latest draft opinion (published 13 jan.) from EESC that will be voted on 21-22 jan.:
(see under section: TEN/559, sub-heading: "Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (own-initiative opinion) - Section opinion - EESC-2014-05117-00-02-AS-TRA" and select your language.

A dutch businessman and EESC group member, Mr. Jan Simons, put forward industry-friendly amendments to the draft. Those amendments were largely dropped by vote. Download Simons amendment suggestions here.

Reet Teder, business leader and Estonian member of the EESC, has already submitted several amendments against the points 1.2, 1.5, 2.8, 8.1.1 & 8.2.3 of the own initiative opinion approved by the EESC TEN section. Removes the most important elements of each of these points emptying it of its content.
See entries beginning with "AMPX_§ X.X_Teder_Electromagnetic hypersensitivity..." under TEN/559 secion at the link below:

We learned that EESC member Sir Richard Adams suddenly began distributing an industry friendly counter-opinion text to a group of like-minded members within the EESC. Adams' version removes all support for EHS and goes against regulation of EMF.
Download Adams counter-opinion here which was kindly provided by our Spanish friends Electrosensibles por el Derecho a la Salud.
Sir Adams' version of the text has not yet been made publicly available so we reckon that he'll try and push it into vote at the plenary session. Such behaviour is highly disrespectful of the democratic process of the EESC and according to one EESC member that Mast-Victims spoke to, it is a desperate last-measure that will be regarded as an extreme provocation and a waste of time.

Following is the MV news coverage so far:

Jan 2015, United Kingdom: Final letter to Mr. Adams BY Director Eileen O`Connor Radiation Research UK.
Jan 2015, United Kingdom: Mast-Victims comments on Sir Richard Adams EESC / EHS counter-opinion
Jan 2015, USA: BioInitiative Group letter to EESC on electro-hypersensitivity
Jan 2015, United Kingdom: Open letter to European Economic and Social Committee TEN Section on electrosensitivity
Jan 2015, United Kingdom: EESC calling for action on behalf of EHS sufferers
Nov 2014, Belgium: Recordings from the EESC hearing on EHS
Nov 2014, Belgium: Europe starts to take EHS / ES seriously
Oct 2014, Belgium: Registration deadline is 29 oct. for EU open hearing on EHS
Oct 2014, Belgium: Public hearing on Electromagnetic hypersensitivity at the European Economic and Social Committee
Source: Mast-Victims.org, H. Eiriksson & A. Ingvarsdóttir, 19 Jan 2015

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