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Conflict of Interest scandal: Sir Richard Adams has deep ties to Smart-Meter industries
United Kingdom Created: 21 Jan 2015
Following an investigation it was revealed that Sir Richard Adams has an undeclared conflict of interest. It is a big scandal to continue as usual when Mr. Adams is actively acting to turn this decision against the European population.
Regarding others who may have conflicts as well, it is expected from the EU members to demand having a process that is free from foreign interests.

Powerwatch has published about the scandal:

Richard Adams is on the board of trustees of the charity "Sustainability First"

Smart meters is one of this charity's projects:

Sponsors of Sustainability First include:

BEAMA (the expert knowledge base and forum for the electrotechnical industry for the UK and across Europe.
Representing over 300 manufacturing companies in the electrotechnical sector, the organisation has significant influence over UK and international political, standardisation and commercial policy.)
Cable & Wireless
British Gas
EDF Energy
E-Meter (Siemens)
National Grid
Northern Powergrid
Ofgem (the UK electricity industry Regulator)
Scottish Power Energy Networks
UK Power Networks


Richard Adams
Bernd Dittmann (The German Business Representation)
Lubomir Hadjiysky (Director of marketing and development at auditors Grant Thornton. Bulgaria)
Tom Jones (Vice-president of the Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) - farmer - Trustee Community Foundation in Wales. UK)
Brenda King (Chief Executive, African & Caribbean Diversity. UK)
Anders Ladefoged (Danish Industry)
Jonathan Peel (Business and Trade Consultant. UK)
Virgilio Ranocchiari (Consultant European Affairs - Italian Confederation of Industry - Confindustria)
Pirkko Raunemaa (Council of Home Economics and Consumer Associations, expert on consumers and food issues. Finland)
David Sears (Former Deputy Director-General, British Chambers of Commerce – BCC. UK)
Ulla Sirkeinen (Confederation of Finnish Industries –EK. Finland)
Jan Simons (VNO-NCW, "Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers")
Georgi Stoev (Vice-chairman of the Bureau of the Committee on Trade at the Economic Council for Europe at the United Nations Organization -UNO/ECE-Geneva and vice-president of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Bulgaria)
Pavel Trantina (Representative, Czech Council of Children andYouth –ČRDM. Czech Republic)
Akos Topolanszky (Director of the Federation of Hungarian Drug therapeutic Institutes (MADRISZ); National Institute for Drug Prevention. Hungary)
Gerd Wolf (Representative of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres - HGF)
Reet Teder (business leader and Estonian)
Josef Zboril (Executive secretary, Governing board of the Slovenian Association of Free Trade Unions. Czech Republic)

All documents are here:

On the other hand, the Council of Europe recognized electrohypersensitivity in May 2011, on the basis of Dr. Dominique Belpomme's work. Dr. Belpomme, president of Association for Research on Treatment Against Cancer, examined clinically more than 1,000 electrohypersensitivity (EHS) – self reported patients. He concluded that these are real sick persons who are in a pre-Alzheimer’s state. http://mieuxprevenir.blogspot.ch/2014/06/interview-with-dr-dominique-belpomme-by.html

Best wishes,
Iris and many others who try to draw your attention to the importance of an ethical decision making process, in this highly important scientific, medical and health issue, for the European population.
Source: Iris Atzmon, via email, 21 Jan 2015

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