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Marine Authority demands powerline protection for Swedish Eel
Sweden Created: 19 Feb 2015
The new electric cable that is to be connected to the Swedish mainland, may affect eel migration - Eel get confused when swimming near power cables, it has been observed at Oland.

The Marine and Water Authority, HaV, therefore wants Swedish Powergrid to ensure shielding of the cable so that the electromagnetic radiation is as little as possible, says Linus Hammar, an administrator the marine authority.

The authority is not opposed to the power cable being connected to the mainland by sea, on the contrary HaV believe that it will be better for the marine environment if more wind power is constructed, which this cable will enable.

But the authority has criticized the environmental impact assessment that Swedish Powergrid submitted.
On March 5, negotiations will take place in the Court of Land and Environment at Växjö District Court.

Swedish Powergrid, which will build the power cable to the mainland, are saying they will build it so that eel migration is not disturbed.

- If The cables are placed close together it will minimize the magnetic field around the wires and therefore the impact on wildlife, says Olof KLINGVALL who is the press secretary of the Swedish Powergrid.
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Source: Sveriges Radio, Translated by MV, 10 Feb 2015

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