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United Kingdom Created: 18 Nov 2015
A Not-spot checker from Ofcom!
Mobile Coverage Checker
Check the predicted coverage for mobile voice and data for each of the UK mobile network operators.

Please Note: This map uses signal level predictions provided by the four UK mobile network operators. Ofcom has tested actual coverage in various locations around the UK, and used the results to set the thresholds for voice calls used on the map. We will continue to conduct testing, work with the mobile operators and analyse consumer feedback with a view to improving the accuracy of the map. The map may differ from those provided by the network operators; see the FAQ below for reasons why.

You can search a location or a postcode


Explanation of colours for coverage is to the right of the map:
Note: Green stands for: "Good coverage for calls and texts likely"
Beige stands for: "You may experience some problems"
Pink stands for: "you are unlikely to receive a reliable signal"
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Source: Agnes Ingvarsdottir

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