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Institute of Environmental Health Secrets: NIEHS Mum on $25 Million RF Animal Project
USA Created: 30 Nov 2015
The NIEHS really doesn’t want to talk about it - Ten years into a $25+ million project to assess the cancer risk of wireless radiation in laboratory animals, the staff at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences remains tight-lipped and refuses to release project documents.

NIEHS has many reasons for keeping a low profile. The RF project, the most expensive in National Toxicology Program history, is years late and two-to-three times over budget. A more immediate concern is that it could force the institute into a position it would desperately prefer to avoid: Being at the center of the ever-contentious controversy over cancer and cell phone radiation.

There’s another reason: Pilot NTP experiments have indicated that rats do respond to cell phone radiation. These results have been circulating for two years among a select few, including some from the wireless industry. At the same time, NIEHS has been keeping them out of public view and is refusing to release project documents under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

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Louis Slesin, PhD
Editor, Microwave News
louis {-at-} microwavenews.com
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Source: Microwave News, Louis Slesin, 30 Nov 2015

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