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Telstra sends out radiation exposure message
Australia Created: 27 Feb 2016
Telstra’s 16,9 million mobile customers have been sent tips about how to reduce electromagnetic exposure, just a week after a controversial Catalyst program explored the issue.

Telstra sent out the message to its customers this morning, providing a link for tips on the issue, which was brought into the spotlight last week following the ABC program.

The link quotes World Health Organisation advice on the issue.

“A large number of studies have been performed over the last two decades to assess whether mobile phones pose a potential health risk.

“To date, no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use."

“The WHO also notes that further study into the long term use of mobile phones and cancer, and the effect of mobile phone use on young people should be undertaken.”

Telstra has been contacted over the timing of the message.

Last week Catalyst aired its “Wi-Fried” program which explored “the latest research and advice about the safety of our modern wireless devices”.

The day after it aired leading scientists accused the program of broadcasting incorrect research and using scare tactics.

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Source: Yahoo News Australia, Nick Sas, 24 Feb 2016

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