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Israeli TV Warns of Wi-Fi Dangers in Schools
Israel Created: 7 Mar 2016
Israelís Channel 1 national TV program aired a 17-minute segment Feb 24 examining charges that electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi and other sources poses a danger to citizens, especially children.

Also covered is the radiation from cell towers, wireless utility meters, Wi-Fi routers and computers.

The program is in Hebrew but English subtitles are provided (click the "CC" button on the youtube player for subtitles):

Teachers, parents, technicians and government officials are among those interviewed. Views of those who have become hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation are obtained.

The topic has yet to gain traction with the bulk of Israeli media, say some of the participants.

Amir Borenstein posted the tape on YouTube.
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Source: O'Dwyers, Jack O'Dwyer, 07 Mar 2016

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