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Important: WHY should the British citizens and Industry have to Suffer "Blackouts" because of the "Smartphones"? (By editor!)
United Kingdom Created: 2 Feb 2017
We all read in the news press and hear on the TV news the dire threat news that within a short time we will be suffering Electricity "Blackout"s as our power stations cannot cope with our usage, so we are advised that households and industry will have to cut down on their usage, as If Not we will experience War Time like "Blackouts".

So here is my suggestion for a Power Saving Scheme, that would be Easy and would Not Hurt Anyone, and all can cook dinner and work through the day without any disruption to the Electricity.
I got my info from MOA = Mobile operators Association, although I do not know if these numbers are accurate.

The Mobile Industry in the UK claims it has 52500 active mobile masts, at the moment and loads more are planned.
Source: http://www.mobilemastinfo.com/faqs/

A conservative estimate of Electricity usage by each mobile mast is: 2500 kWh/pr. month, which gives us a figure of: 131250000/pr month.
So calculated for 12 months usage: 52500x2500x12= 1575000000/kWh

And for WHAT?
On-line shopping, posting on "Social Media" ordering Take away, chatting with friends, which most could be done over the Landline anyway.

Just Think About It: Is it Really Worth our Industry Stopping or going on a 3 day week?
Or having to eat RAW food at dinner time because there is No Electricity?
And All This for being able to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and let your kids/teenager/wife's/husbands use their mobiles rather than the existing Landline??
I don't think so, if you ask me!

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Best regards.
Source: Agnes Ingvarsdottir

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