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How single-sided, outdated and obsolete will be the EHC RF-EMF when it will be, hopefully, published in 2018?
Finland Created: 26 Feb 2017
WHO EMF Project, under the ICNIRP’s “supervision”, is preparing the Environmental Health Criteria for radio-frequency modulated electromagnetic fields (EHC RF-EMF). This document will evaluate all possible health risks from the radio-frequency modulated electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) emitted by the wireless communication devices.

The EHC RF-EMF is delayed for some 10 years now. As I wrote on BRHP, partial draft of the EHC RF-EMF document, written by the group of scientists with a dominating presence of ICNIRP members, was released for the general public comments in 2014.

The next steps were to update the text using comments received, to select group of experts that will review the EHC draft document and to prepare the final version of EHC.

Now, in the end of February 2017, the progress seems to be slow and no end in sight.

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Source: BRHP blog, Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski, 26 Feb 2017

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