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Letter: Wireless devices pose serious risk in schools
USA Created: 16 Mar 2017
Editor: Over the last four years I have repeatedly questioned the Wyomissing School Board's strategy to greatly expand wireless device use in district schools. I have questioned the health safety with supporting data and have yet to receive a well-considered response. The school board must take responsibility for the health and well-being of our children in the district's care.

More than 100 doctors, researchers and experts in wireless radiation impacts on human health have signed off on the Reykjavik Appeal, which identifies very persuasive research documenting a wide range of negative impacts of wireless use. It also suggests easy solutions to eliminate this risk.

I have asked the board to read and discuss this important document, publicly discuss it in an open forum so citizens can observe and contribute to this process, make a clear statement of its position on this issue and adopt the recommendations and develop a plan to implement them.

This appeal is to reduce the risk of significant harm to our children's health, especially as damage may show up within years. Additionally, these steps will surely improve learning in the school with lifelong benefits.

Mark Proudfoot
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Source: Reading Eagle, Mark Proudfoot, 07 Mar 2017

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