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Father sells his baby son for £2,100 to a stranger on social media so he and his girlfriend could buy new phones
China Created: 9 Jun 2017
A Chinese couple have sold their two-month-old son for 19,000 yuan (£2,166) after putting him up for an auction on social media, according to a report.

The couple, both said to be in their 20s, claimed in a social media post that they were 'too poor' to raise the baby and would 'give' him to the person who would pay them the most.

They spent the income on two new phones and clothes, the father said.

According to Jiangxi Broadcasting Station, the incident occurred in Ganzhou, China's Jiangxi Province, in late May.

The Ganzhou police were informed by people who saw the advertisement posted by the couple on WeChat, the Chinese equivalent to Whatsapp.

The police immediately dispatched officers to track down the couple.

After they found the father, he admitted that he had already sold the baby to a family living in a small village in Shashi Town, Ganzhou.

The father is identified by his surname Zou. His girlfriend is not identified.

Lai Taotao, an officer from the Ganzhou police, said the village is not accessible by car. He and his colleague found the boy after walking for more than an hour and asking around in the village.

Footage from a police camera shows that the baby was being looked after by a middle-aged woman when the officers found him.

The woman attempted to convince the officers that the baby had been given to her by an acquaintance.

After being interrogated, the woman admitted that the baby had been purchased from Mr Zou for 19,000 yuan (£2,166).

Mr Zou admitted that the boy is his son. He also claimed that he and his live-in girlfriend didn't have money to raise their child.

The man said after they received the money, they spent 'several hundred yuan' on food.

He also said they spent more than 4,000 yuan (£455) on two mobile phones.

He said he bought a phone for his girlfriend because she didn't have a phone, and he bought one for himself because his phone was old.

The couple also purchased one set of new clothes each, said the man.

Mr Zou has been arrested on suspicion of illegal buying and selling of babies.

It remains unclear whether or not his girlfriend would be arrested.
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Source: Daily Mail, Tracy You, 08 Jun 2017

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