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Letter: Mobile phone mast a concern
United Kingdom Created: 3 Aug 2017
I am writing to object to the planning application 2021/17/ PAT for a new mobile phone mast in Totnes.

As a journalist who has studied the biological effects of electromagnetic fields for more than two decades, I would like to object to the proposed mast on health grounds.

The UK currently has one of the highest EMF exposure levels in the world and I believe some residents in Totnes living close to the proposed mast are already suffering from cancer.

Hundreds of reputable peer-reviewed studies now show increased risk of cancer from telecommunications masts as well as Alzheimerís disease, cardiovascular effects, DNA damage, depression, fertility problems, leukaemia and miscarriages

In response to recent research findings, the mayor of Paris has just reduced its citizenís permitted mobile phone mast microwave radiation exposure to 10 times lower than the current UK level.

The World Health Organ­isationís International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies radio frequency radiation at class 2B, possible cancer agents. While a growing body of scientists now say they should be classed as a 2A, probable, or even class 1, certain.

In Sweden, electrical sensitivity (ES) is treated as a functional disability and sufferers can get grants to shield their homes from electro-magnetic radiation. There are mobile phone-free zones in Stockholm and Salzburg public transport systems.

Other countries such as Australia, France, Germany and Spain have recognised individual ES cases through disability awards, while Canada and Russia have medical centres specialising in ES.

As a soon-to-be Totnes resident, I am moving to the town as I understood that in many ways it was a special place to live where public health issues are high on the agenda.

Please do not put money before our public health.

Ms T Turner

Brooklands, Totnes
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Source: Totnes Times, Ms T Turner, 26 Jul 2017

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