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Professor of Medicine open letter against 5G rollout
USA Created: 20 Aug 2017
Beatrice Alexandra Golomb, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, UC San Diego School of Medicine.

August 18, 2017,

To whom it may concern,

I urge in the strongest terms that you vigorously oppose California SB 649.

If this bill passes, many people will suffer greatly, and needlessly, as a direct result. This sounds like hyperbole. It is not.

My research group at UC San Diego alone has received hundreds of communications from people who have developed serious health problems from electromagnetic radiation, following introduction of new technologies. Others with whom I am in communication, have independently received hundreds of similar reports. Most likely these are a tip of an iceberg of tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of affected person. As each new technology leading to further exposure to electromagnetic radiation is introduced – and particularly introduced in a fashion that prevents vulnerable individuals from avoiding it – a new group become sensitized to health effects. This is particularly true for pulsed signals in the radiowave and microwave portion of the spectrum, the type for which the proposed bill SB 640 will bypass local control.

Mechanisms by which health effects are exerted have been shown to include oxidative stress (the type of injury against which antioxidants protect ,see optional section below), damage to mitochondria (the energy producing parts of cells), damage to cell membranes [1], [21], and via these mechanisms, an impaired “blood brain barrier” [3-5] (the blood brain barrier defends the brain against introduction of foreign substances and toxins; additionally, disruption can lead to brain edema [6]), constriction of blood vessels and impaired blood flow to the brain [7], and triggering of autoimmune reactions [8, 9]. Following a large exposure, that depresses antioxidant defenses, magnifying vulnerability to future exposures, some persons no longer tolerate many other forms and intensities of electromagnetic radiation that previously caused them no problem, and that currently cause others no problem. But this group deserves – nay needs -- the right to be able to avoid these exposures.
Affected individuals not only experience “symptoms” that “merely” cause them distress and suffering, when they are exposed – symptoms like headaches [10, 11], ringing ears [10, 11] and chest pain [10] from impaired blood flow, heart rhythm abnormalities [10, 11], and inability to sleep [10, 11]. These symptoms arise from physiological injury. Moreover, many experience significant health problems that can include seizures11, heart failure, hearing loss [12-14] and severe cognitive impairment [11, 15]. The mechanisms involved are those also involved in development and progression of neurodegenerative conditions including Alzheimer’s disease [16].

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Source: Beatrice Alexandra Golomb, 18 Aug 2017

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