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Liability Game-Changer: Hawaiian Electric switches to an "opt in" proposal!
Canada Created: 22 Aug 2017
Friday night I received positive news from safe meter advocate Debra Greene PhD which was so compelling that it has become the first InPowered Podcast installment.


Here's the gist of what she told me:
- In Early 2017, several dozen Notices of Liability (and Non-Consent) were sent to the Hawaiian Electric utility heads, who were planning on blanket-installing 'smart' meters.

- Now, Hawaiian Electric has announced their COMPLETE SHIFT to an "opt in" plan -- in which the utility must receive explicit consent from the homeowner in order to install a 'smart' meter!

- Not only that, but the utility strangely denied that they ever even had a plan for blanket installation, despite it being openly stated for years.

This significant development is the first incident we know of where a state's major utility has changed policy to "opt in".

Go here for my 20-minute conversation (via YouTube video) with Debra:

The evidence is clear: execs and officials (who are involved in causing harm) fear being held accountable in a commercial liability action.

As far as I can tell, we are on to something big. More news coming soon...
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Source: InPower Movement, Josh del Sol, 22 Aug 2017

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