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Decree of the Environment Minister has recommendations on reducing EMF
Italy Created: 30 Aug 2017
Section 2-3-5-4 of the Decree recommends reducing exposure to indoor electromagnetic pollution.

Reduce low frequency magnetic fields: “In order to reduce as far as possible the indoor exposure to low frequency magnetic fields (ELFs) induced by electrical panels, uprights, conductor dorsals, etc.” the design of the plants must provide that meters and electric panels are outside the building and take measures to reduce levels.

Reduce Radio frequency radiation: Reduce as much as possible the indoor exposure to high-frequency magnetic fields (RF) equip with alternative data transfer systems to wi-fi, eg. cable connection or Powerline communication (PLC) technology.

This was started by a Communication by ECC (COM(2003) 302), to European Parliament about: Integrated Product Policy: Develop
the concept of “environmental lifecycle.

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Source: Environmental Health Trust, 10 May 2017

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