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Quiz: How well do you know the WHO RF/EMF health evaluation core group?
Israel Created: 12 Oct 2017
Test yourself with these 5 Q&A...

1) Who of the WHO RF core group called "the shrill cry" to end epidemiological studies of breast cancer risks from power-frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF EMFs)?

2) Who of the core group declared to SCENIHR on research funded by Telecom Italia and CTIA?

3) Who of the assisting experts included in CEFALO study a very long questionnaire, including questions about contact with sheep, goats, reptiles and snakes, 38 questions about exposure to cigarette smoke. Then replied to an investigative Swedish journalist, that investigating more than the 3 first years use of cordless phone exposure would demand too much resources?

4) Who of the assisting experts declared to SCENIHR he has shares in the mobile British industry?

5) Who of the core group was critisized by Prof Roger Santini for leading a formal French report in 2001, that systematically critisized studies that found biological effects but never critisized negative studies? "For them, false negative does not exist only false positive", Santini wrote.

1) M. Feychting (ICNIRP main commission member)
2) M. Scarfi (former ICNIRP)
3) M. Röösli (ICNIRP main commission member)
4) Z. Sienkiewicz (ICNIRP main commission member)
5) D. Zmirou (WHO public health)
Source: Iris Atzmon, via email, 12 Oct 2017

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