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Smart meters endanger health
USA Created: 10 Feb 2018
To the editor: The smart solution is not smart meters if you want to reduce rates. In locations that have smart meters the rates have increased substantially. Fires are a known problem. The company controls shutting off your electricity, air conditioning and smart appliances. The meter chirps constantly, trying to find a smart appliance, flooding your house with microwave radiation. Headaches, vertigo, dizziness, skin rashes, tingling, insomnia, brain fog, eye problems, fatigue, ears ringing, heart problems, muscle pain, weakened immunity and many more health ailments occur with these meters.

By law we must accept the “smart meter” from “any utility company.” These companies have shut off the electricity to hundreds of homes when a resident wanted to keep their old meter. They simply cut the electrical wires at the house or pole forcing some people to take their smart meter. Others who refused the smart meter have installed solar panels, wood-burning stoves, banks of storage batteries, electric generators and basically have been living off the grid for years.

There are hearings presently before the Michigan House Energy Committee asking for the passage of bill HB4220 which gives us “meter choice.” smartmetereductionnetwork.com

Detroit Edison offers an opt out. It is not a true opt out. You do not get to keep your old meter.

You must accept the smart meter, but for $67.50 initial fee plus $9.80 per month, they will shut off one of the two microwave radiations. This opt-out shuts off the amount of usage from your house to their office but leaves on the radiation that allows them to control the power to your house and appliances.

California has a true opt-out where you get to keep your analog or old meter. However, you must pay the similar opt-out fees as above.

Tennessee has introduced a bill into the Senate that would allow customers to opt-out of installing “smart meter” technology on their homes and businesses without penalty or payment.

We want meter choice, an opt-out where we may keep our analog or digital meter and not have to pay outrageous blackmail fees to do so. We want to be assured by UPPCO that they will not use force to get smart meters installed on any resident’s home or business.

Paul and Carolyn Tormala
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Source: Daily Mining Gazette, Paul and Carolyn Tormala, 09 Feb 2018

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